Aether By George

From the beginning to the end of the first Aether story, in order, as well as the first part of the Second Aether Story. Included are small summaries of the characters.
Volume 1

Enter the Pianist, a wizard in a small family of musicians that has a burning desire for power, which leads him down a darker path, one that puts him at odds with his fellow wizards and his estranged family.
Volume 2

Here we meet our main characters, Determino and Blutim, both young mages, eager to prove their worth to the Wizards Council, and will do so by any means necessary, without a single word or change in expression.
Volume 3

The Lieutenant is an odd one, born of torture and pain, formed of a hostage the Pianist took upon his takeover of the Kelp Dome, and the emotional scarring that the Red Orb leaves upon close contact with a being. Eventually, he will decay, leaving only his armour behind if he does not find more and more power, which is his incentive for helping the Pianist.
Volume 4

Nobody really knows much about Bluchin, other than that he owes Krai his life, and that he is a bit of a coward. Say what you will about him though, he is an artist at heart, and will do anything to help Krai, whatever the cost.

Purplo is a survivor first and foremost. He joined the Wizard’s Council at the height of it’s power in order to escape the persecution of his people, but really only did it to save himself. But in time, he learnt a smidge of honour, and locked his people’s souls behind a door in the light realm, so that they may be safe. If he was ever to be seen again by them, he would be consumed by their intense hatred for the one who betrayed them. Purplo vanished shortly after Krai succumbed to his withering curse, and hasn’t been seen by anyone in a while. Perhaps he took an audience with the Pianist in the Kelp Dome. Whatever happened to him, he has a lot to answer for.
Volume 6

The Black Magic Magician, the Dark Arts Caster, Krai is known as all of these things. Though struck with a Withering Curse in his first duel with The Pianist, he persevered to find those whom he believed capable of leading in his stead. Whilst he eventually succumbed to his Curse, his bitter soul survived, driven mad by his imprisonment in the Light Realm it clung to his corpse like a disease. Now he is driven by two things: Revenge and Power. Taking back his body, his realm and his dominance over all lands and bending all to his twisted will is only the first step in his lengthy plan. But rest assured, Krai escaped the bounds of mortality long ago.

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