Code in SPACE!

Today, students at the Dojo took part in Astro Pi: Mission Zero – a very cool way to say ‘Hello World’…

The challenge gave students the opportunity to write a simple Python program and have their program run in space! The successfully submitted projects will be run on the International Space Station and each student will get a certificate of achievement detailing exactly when their code was run.

The code was written and tested in Python Trinket – an online emulator of the hardware on-which the programs will be run.

Below are the entries created by each team. Click on the link to see what they have done.

[Note: depending on the browser you use, the display may be rotated (so horizontal scrolling text goes down the screen not right-to left)]

Team Name Their Code
Team Vloke
Doctor who
Team Awesome
ChessieB + Suey 🙂

Think you can do better?

Come along to Dojo and give it a go.

Submissions can be made up until 20 March 2019 and certificates will be issued in June 2019.

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