Dojo Trip Information

To introduce the students to the industry of software development we have arranged with Creative Assembly (a computer games company in Horsham) to allow us to take some of the children to their studio on Thursday October 25th. The tour will likely start at 9:30 and finish around 3pm. Your child will need to bring a packed lunch.


The trip will give them a tour of the studios, a meeting with a variety of staff in various different roles and an experience of the company’s motion capture studio.


Depending on the level of interest, we may not be able to take all students but we will contact you soon to:

  • tell you if we have a space for your child on the trip or not
  • give you more detail on drop off and collection points for the day of the trip


Once we have your details we will ask you to sign a digital NDA (Non-disclosure agreement). This is due to the level of secrecy on the games that the company is working on. You will receive an e-mail from Docusign where you can login and sign the document.


I know some of you have completed a similar form before but as we’ve had to change the date and thus I’m going to have to ask that you give me details again.

Please could you e-mail me at the below address using the template below in your response.



Regarding the Horsham Coder Dojo Trip planned for October 25th 2018 I confirm that:

  • I am happy for my child to attend the Dojo trip specified above and would like more information when details are confirmed
  • I am happy for my child to be photographed and for those images to be shared publicly


Child’s name:


Parent/Guardian Signature:


Parent/Guardian FULL name (BLOCK CAPITALS):


Parent/Guardian e-mail (BLOCK CAPITALS):


Parent/Guardian emergency contact mobile number for the day:



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