First Dojo Back

What an amazing first Dojo back! It was great to see a lot of the regulars back and some really keen new faces!

I know that everyone loves graphs and this shows how successful the first session back was with 24 students and 5 mentors:

Show and tell was amazing! We saw some impressive work from Becky and Adam. For their first time at the Dojo they wrote some awesome Python scripts to determine the times table of any number, a great homework cheat for any student!

Speaking of homework – Ella has started a cool project to help quiz students which I hope we’ll share more of in the coming weeks.

George had continued some of his Scratch work over summer and had created an awesome room escape style game. We’ll be posting it soon┬áIt is below for you all to play and we are looking forward to seeing the other project he’s working on next week. If it doesn’t work here, try the following link:

Oscar, Arthur, Dylan and Alex started on a cool driving game in Scratch that they’re looking forward to continuing next week. We’ll hopefully start sharing their games here soon.

Sergio worked well with Luke creating a shooting target game in Scratch which is starting to come together. Again, hopefully post some progress in the future.

That’s all for now! Great to see such a great turn out. Hopefully we’ll see more of everyone next week!

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