The Dojo is Closed

The Coder Dojo Mentors have been discussing recently the value of the input and output of our weekly sessions, and have reached the conclusion that there is insufficient benefits for our community of coders to to warrant the time and effort required from the mentors.  We do enjoy the time we spend with the attendees but when we look at the reality there are only a few that are really benefiting from the resource and skills in the room. Due to the effort and time required to continue and grow the Horsham Coder Dojo we’ve taken the decision that we will not be continuing in 2020.

We have been fortunate that this community project was given space within Tanbridge House to meet and without this the last few years would not have been possible. We are very grateful to all those that have given up their time to support the Dojo both in the sessions and behind the scenes making sure that we have the infrastructure in place that we need.

This decision has not been taken lightly and for those that wish to continue to discover coding and other parts of the technical world we would encourage you to look at or depending on your personal interests. The main Coder Dojo site at will also have details of any existing (or new!) dojos that open in the region. There are lots of online tutorials and courses that can be undertaken as well so there are plenty of places to develop further for those that want to.

Thank you to all the attendees over the past four years, we wish you all the best and look forward to hearing good things about you all in the future.

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