We Did It!

Back in January 2019 the students at the Dojo took part in Astro Pi: Mission Zero – and wrote code to run on the the International Space Station.

You can see their entries here: Code In Space

The mission was a success, all teams passed the necessary pre-flight checks and in May 2019 their code was run live in space!

Every team has been awarded a certificate that shows exactly where the space-station was at the time that their code was run.

Congratulations to all participants – you can download your team certificates using the links below:

Team Name Certificate
Hello_Astronauts HelloAstronauts-11c203e2db.pdf
Team Vloke TeamVloke-99990ce92d.pdf
Doctor who Doctorwho-bfbe35daac.pdf
EslandiaINSPACE EslandiaINSPACE-93b3e74f35.pdf
silkygecko silkygecko-5405f7fb23.pdf
DAJ DAJ-11625b4f9a.pdf
Team Awesome TeamAwesome-a12b5fbafb.pdf
ChessieB + Suey ChessieBSuey-77a504f41d.pdf

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